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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hold fast to dreams...

How much is a dream worth to you?  With just $9 you can help me get closer to my goal.  $9 is a drink (or 2 depending on where you live) at the bar; possibly a movie ticket, a meal…but the $9 (or more) you invest in my dream will put me one step closer to achieving my goal. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Business Plan Competitions

Updated 8/11/11:

AMAZON Web Services just launched a GLOBAL Business Start-up Challenge!  Enter for your chance to win $100K for your start-up! 

Starting a business is hard work.  It can be physically, emotionally, and even financially draining.  One of the best ways to obtain start-up funds to get your business off the ground, and ease the burden on your wallet, is through ‘Business Plan Competitions’.  These types of contests are hosted by many Business schools, large corporations and nonprofit organization, as well as state funded.  One of the easiest ways to search for a competition in your area, as well as nationwide and global ones is by checking out BizPlanCompetitions.  They list a variety of competitions and you can search for ones in a specific state/region, or by type.  This website is especially helpful for those of you who are not enrolled in a Business school, which usually provide lists of competitions their students may be eligible for.

Many of these business plan competitions offer monetary rewards as well as assistance with business development.  Aside from winning “free” money you may also receive resources for your business such as office supplies, classes, marketing assistance, and exposure for your business.  You should check out the list of competitions you are eligible for and give them a try, you never know.

Friday, March 11, 2011

FREE resources for Low-income + Homeless individuals NYC

It's heartbreaking to see people suffering everyday, especially those without the basic necessities of food and shelter, like those who are homeless.  You can do your part by spreading the word about free resources for people who need the most help. 

The Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness & Housing offers a detailed list of free resources all over NYC including free clothes, places to take showers and free toiletries, free haircuts, and free laundry facilities.  These resources are especially useful when trying to get back into the workforce. These "street sheets" can be found on their website and also posted to community bulletin boards and churches.  You can contact Amanda Parrish Block, the person in charge of creating this list at: 917-517-3203, for more information.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

File your taxes for FREE

If you made up to $58,000 last year, chances are you can file your taxes for free.  If you go to the IRS website ( you can click on the “Free File” section to the right hand side of the site. You  will be shown a list of verified companies where you can easily e-file your state and federal forms.  Make sure to check which company files both, to save you a headache. 
I personally recommend ICANFREEFILE ( which I used to file my taxes.  You create a free account and then you basically answer a series of questions, based on your income and the information on your W-2 and the answers are complied to file your return.  At the top of the site you get to see how much funds you will get back, based on your answers.  Everything is done on the website, there’s no software to download.  At the end you get your forms as PDF files, to save to your computer.
If you feel more comfortable having someone else file your taxes for you, look at your city/state’s website for information on local agencies which will file your taxes for free.  Make sure to check if you are eligible first.  In New York City for example you can find a center which will file for free by visiting this page on their site:
Do your research on what FREE or LOW COST option will work best for you.  DO NOT get ripped off by paying someone $40+ to file for you when you can get it done for FREE!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

FREE Chipotle!!! Offer ends 3/10/11

Hey guys!  So 'Chipotle' Mexican Grill is having a promotion as part of a new show that is airing on NBC called "America's Next Great Restaurant".  The show airs this Sunday at 8/7c.  As part of the promotion Chipotle is offering a "buy one/get one" coupon, which you can apply towards their burritos, bowls, tacos, or salads.  All you have to do is watch the promotional video at this link and then your coupon will appear at the end: